Interior Skin

Personal. Space.



We design, create and build spaces that express your personality. Our goal is to help you completely de-stress and feel at ease in every part of your home. We aim to create the perfect balance between high-end luxury and simple elegance.

Our method



Whether your goal is leisure, work, creativity or inspiration. You will get the most out of your day when you feel completely at ease. We will help you define your ideal circumstances and create your personal space of total calmness.




Bring yourself to relax in any situation. Any room or part of your house can be your personal space. Let’s discover it together.


Imagine a space that makes you feel perfectly at ease, What do you see? What do you feel? Let your mind decide how it needs to relax. Let it guide you to your personal space. You are the artist of your own comfort.


Make your mind matter. Let us transform your thoughts into a physical space that helps you, stay you. With a selection of only the highest quality materials, specified to your personal needs.



As you grow, your personality changes. In your core however, you will always be you. We believe that your living space should reflect your personality. So you will always have a place to feel at ease. Just as your personality changes, your interior should reflect that change. Interior Skin creates spaces that inspire and enable change while sustaining the fundament that reflects your inner core.

Our method

1. Discovery

To create the optimal space for you to relax in, we’ll first need to understand you. We’ll plan a short session to discover your preferences and needs. We’ll provide sample materials, help you find what works best for you and discuss the possibilities.

2. Architecture

When you are satisfied that we understand your needs perfectly, we will start working on the architecture. We will analyze the dynamic/natural aspects of the space and its environment to design a first draft or maquette.

3. Expression

After the design has been sculpted to your expectations we will start building and creating. During this process our focus will be on delivering results that live up to your (and our own) highest standards, while upholding the timeline.


Globally native. Interior Skin is firmly rooted in the Netherlands, but operates on a global scale. We are proud and honored to have worked with clients around the world. Through our substantial experience in running projects abroad, we have built an airtight system to ensure a smooth process for all parties involved.



Your home is a canvas. A new beginning. As master painters, we envision your space through an artist’s perspective. Shadows, lightfall, structure. Every aspect of the environment is taken into account when creating your personal space. Let’s make art.



While our artistic approach brings atmosphere and personality to your space, our design choices provide functionality. With a solid foundation in both art and interior design we ensure a perfect balance between esthetics and function.

Core value

Our belief

We truly believe

That everyone needs a place where they can be completely at ease. No judgment, no rules, no expectations. Nothing at all. Just pure, simple honesty. In an ideal world everyone would be able to feel this way everywhere. We wanted to focus our expertise towards helping people relax and truly recharge in their own homes. That is why Interior Skin was founded.

Valued clients. We are proud and honored to work for renowned clients across the globe. Their trust means everything to us. We have earned and solidified that trust by first delivering as promised and second by valuing their privacy above anything. Every personal space we have created is an extension of our clients personality. So even though we are very proud of past projects, we never share results without specific consent of the owner.